martes, 12 de diciembre de 2006


Hi guys!
today i was surfing in the net checking out the new trailers of the upcoming movies, as i always do, and i found this. Been an spiderman fan makes me check on the new stuff they have about the movie, so i took a screenshot of Venom, as is going to appear in the movie. Most of you should seen it already, but i thought i would be a good thing to make a comment about him. Personally, as much as i like Mcfarlane´s artwork, i´m not such a fan of his Venom (even when he designed him) i always find his bubble head kind of goofy looking, so i was afraid to see that intepretation of the character translated to the movie, and my nightmare came true. Here you go, the spiderman 3 VENOM....damn.

At least the sandman looks cool!

lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2006


Hi, this one goes in spanish as i am making a comment about a book you can only find in Mexico (so far)

Hola, hoy les presento la portada de un libro que pueden ya encontrar en las liberias de todo México, este es el libro escrito a la limón (hombro a hombro) por Yordi Rosado y Gaby Vargas, es un texto dedicado a los jovenes a partir digamos de los 13 años, es algo asi como un manual de supervivencia para describir los avatares de la vida que se les presenta a patir de la inevitable llegada de la pubertad.
Ora que porque lo anuncio aqui, bueno pues porque los monitos que pueden ver dentro del libro son de mi amigo Francisco Herrera y de su humilde servidor, chequenlo, y si pueden comprenlo porque la verdad en libro esta muy chistoso.

viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2006


I really don´t know if i should do this, I mean showing my next creator own proyect sooo, in advance, but, gee what the hell, nobody cares, right?
Ok, this is a little preview of the new proyect i will be doing with my pal, buddy, mate (as the british say) the awesome Paul Jenkins.
I won´t tell you storyline -at least not now- but what i can tell you is this, you´ll see guys and girls that you know already, drawn and shown in little different way.

martes, 28 de noviembre de 2006

Emily the strange

This little creepy girl is amazing, everywhere i turn my eyes to, i see her.
That´s what i call good management.

jueves, 23 de noviembre de 2006

Hero Bear

This is a rare piece i did once ( i think it never went to print) to salute one of the best comics i ever read, Hero Bear and the kid. This is what comic books should be about, living a fantasy, when i read this book I see myself as a kid again.
The brain and soul behind this project is nobody but the awesome Mike Kunkel, one of the nicest guys i ever met, he is a real hero.

miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

Abiding perdition...

Here is a variant cover i did to a book called Abiding perdition, were we have red hot ridding hood. Colors by the PHOTOSHOP WIZARD (hahaha) Edgar Delgado.
I post it because i don´t know if any of you guys saw the book, by the way this book was nicely pencilled by Pedro Delgado, who´s currently working in something called ULTRADUCK check on that sometime in 2007.

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2006

The first rule of fight club...

this is a page i did along with my wing man leonardo olea, we are huge fans of the fight club movie, and this was our way to pay respect to that awesome film, i´m not very good with the look alike but, what the hell right?
the first rule of fight club is....
do not talk about fight club.

the runaways

These are a bunch of sketches i did for the runaways, a book i was about to do.
at the end i was moved to do the X-Men, but still I draw the kids, so here they are.

lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2006

I´m trying to understand this thing. while i get it right , let me share these with you.
These are some drawings i did in pastel, hope you like it!
First joe the indian from the Crimson series, and DD, Marvel comics.

This is me, in my natural enviroment.