martes, 12 de diciembre de 2006


Hi guys!
today i was surfing in the net checking out the new trailers of the upcoming movies, as i always do, and i found this. Been an spiderman fan makes me check on the new stuff they have about the movie, so i took a screenshot of Venom, as is going to appear in the movie. Most of you should seen it already, but i thought i would be a good thing to make a comment about him. Personally, as much as i like Mcfarlane´s artwork, i´m not such a fan of his Venom (even when he designed him) i always find his bubble head kind of goofy looking, so i was afraid to see that intepretation of the character translated to the movie, and my nightmare came true. Here you go, the spiderman 3 VENOM....damn.

At least the sandman looks cool!