lunes, 2 de julio de 2007


Guys, hello. I´m here again, it´s been some time since the last time i post, but hey, so much work and so little time. So here we go:
I will see you guy there in San Diego this month, look for me in the BRANDSTUDIO booth. A publisher under the leadership of the talented ALBERTO RUIZ, who´s mission is to create a new space to print sketchbooks, in a nice an different way.
check the brandstudio blog to see what I´m talking about:

I´ll see you the in sunny San Diego, also I leave you a couple images of what can find inside my new skechtbook tittled: TOXIC WASTE.
All what you will see there is work, that for whatever reason never make into the real thing, some because the project never got a green light, some others are project not meant to be publish in the states and making them hard to find, so please if you can make it to the comicon, I will be please to sign the for you, but if you can make it, you can pre order it by the brandstudio online store, see ya!!